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Split 7" with Inglewood's Final Draft, out fall of 2015 on Grindpromotion Records


released June 26, 2015



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FISSURE California

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Track Name: You're Looking Kinda Red, St. Peter.
Afraid to bite the hand that feeds
Afraid to leave the land where I sleep
With every fragmentation of a split second I watch it all wither away

¿Porque tengo miedo? Como me odio
Track Name: I'm Throwing Away My People Skills Like I Threw Away My Dignity
Long garage roof top afternoons
deciphering eye floaters as they pass by
Push play as I undo everything
Anything up here is better then being down there
I've lost count on how many times I've seen the sun get devoured by the horizon
Track Name: Welcome To The Fourth Annual 100 Meter Juggalo Dash
No love could be given, if there's no love to be given
Your burden
Your choice
Your loss
Not ours
We're all gone
This is what you've always wanted
It should've never started
Track Name: Peruvian Necktie
Dragged through the dirt
Thanks for the (moral) support
This whole time I blamed myself
This whole time I agreed it's my fault
Self realization like myself, never good with time.
Track Name: Burning Down Neverland
Self worth lowered and stepped on
Screams echo in my head
Over lapped footsteps dance around in circles
No sense comes from this,
The dust never clears,
And yet you never move
I'm having trouble breathing
By the looks of it so are you
Track Name: 57 Dead Flies (The Devil Still Lives)
You've said plenty
Now swallow your words that taste like shit covered in glass
Let it cut your throat
Choke on your own blood
Now maybe you'll learn to keep your mouth shut
Choke on your own blood